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Cold brew packaging collaborations: The benefits of partnering with a brewery

In the shifting coffee industry, cold brew has risen to the top of the chain. It’s become a convenient, ready-to-drink (RTD) alternative to traditional hot coffee because of its smooth taste and less acidic flavour profile. But what if there was a way for brands to take cold brew to greater heights of complexity and distinct flavour? 

To make their product stand out even further, some brands are partnering with local breweries to craft cold-brew coffee. These collaborations come with a myriad of benefits, such as increased brand awareness, a broader target market, wider flavour profiles, and innovative approaches to cold brew packaging.  

To learn more about how collaborating with breweries can benefit cold brew coffee brands, I spoke to Jack Crosby, the co-owner of Crosby Coffee Roasters.

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What are the benefits of partnering with a brewery?

When partnering with breweries, coffee roasters and cold brew brands have the choice between industry beer giants or local beer halls. These collaborations can help ‌foster creativity, innovation, and exploration within both the coffee and craft beer industries. Beyond this, partnerships such as these open doors to diverse techniques, ingredients, and experiences. 

Crosby Coffee Roasters is located in the UK, a region renowned for its deep-rooted appreciation of pub culture and beer. Drawing on his own expertise, co-owner Jack provides invaluable insight into the advantages of these partnerships. 

Cold brew packaging collaborations with breweries represent an exciting frontier for coffee roasters,” he says. “They offer a symbiotic relationship that goes beyond traditional partnerships. By joining forces, coffee roasters gain access to the brewery’s wealth of knowledge in packaging, distribution, and branding, which can be instrumental in navigating the complexities of the cold brew market.”

He adds that these collaborations can also provide a platform for innovative product development. “Breweries often possess unique ingredients, brewing techniques, and equipment that can inspire novel cold brew recipes and flavour profiles. This creative synergy allows coffee roasters to differentiate their offerings to appeal to adventurous consumers who are seeking new and exciting experiences.”

Beyond this, collaborating with breweries allows coffee roasters to boast a diverse range of flavours through various brewing techniques. These include barrel ageing, fermentation processes, infusion with hops, or even going as far as to experiment with different yeast strains.

Beyond cold brew packaging: Access to new production processes and flavour profiles

Breweries are masters of their craft. They have a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of centuries-old techniques. This expertise extends far beyond beer and can easily be applied to cold-brew coffee production processes. 

One of the more unique aspects of partnering with a brewery is the access to a variety of ingredients that aren’t usually offered in the specialty coffee industry. For instance, brewers often source unique and exotic ingredients for their own flavour profiles, from rare hops to spices and fruits. Coffee roasters can incorporate these distinctive ingredients into cold brew recipes, infusing creations with a new level of depth and complexity. 

The majority of breweries also have established close professional relationships with the suppliers of these ingredients. This enables coffee roasters greater access to high-quality ingredients that otherwise might be challenging to access. 

Furthermore, by leveraging unique ingredients, coffee roasters can elevate not only the flavour of their cold brew but also the visual appeal and distinctiveness of their packaging. Highlighting these ingredients in packaging design can ensure the product stands out on the shelf and catches consumer attention.

By creating unique flavour profiles that aren’t traditional in the cold brew coffee market, businesses can differentiate their product and themselves amidst an increasingly crowded market. 

Creative collaboration should be at the core of each partnership. The union of two specialty beverage makers cultivates the perfect storm for exploration and experimentation, providing a space for ideas to flow freely and boundaries to be pushed. Brainstorming sessions become a dynamic place for great minds to think alike, allowing coffee roasters and brewers to exchange ideas and embark on a journey towards thriving innovation together. 

By pooling valuable knowledge and precious resources together, coffee makers and brewers drive a relentless pursuit of innovation, leading to refined processes and enhanced quality. The collaboration becomes more than just a partnership: it’s an opportunity to exchange ideas and expertise that propels the cold brew industry forward. 

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Cold brew packaging collaborations expand your market

Partnering with breweries not only enhances the quality of cold-brew products, but also provides valuable opportunities for brand exposure and collaboration. Collaborative efforts between breweries and coffee makers can generate buzz within both communities, attract new customers, and expand market reach.

“Partnering with a brewery extends the coffee roaster’s market reach,” Jack explains. “Leveraging the brewery’s established customer base and distribution channels enables coffee roasters to tap into new demographics and geographic areas without the need for extensive investments in marketing and distribution infrastructure.

“In essence, cold brew packaging collaborations with breweries offer coffee roasters a strategic advantage in a competitive landscape,” he adds. “Beyond mere transactional relationships, these partnerships foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and shared success, ultimately enriching the coffee experience for consumers worldwide. A win for everyone in our eyes!”

Research shows that 63% of consumers are inclined to pay extra for brands that demonstrate exemplary sustainability practices and use environmentally friendly packaging. In recent years, coffee brands have been willing to adapt by investing in sustainable packaging alternatives to minimise their products’ environmental impact. 

Brands can choose to partner with a brewery that also focuses on sustainability practices to show their commitment to an eco-friendly world at new heights. As sustainability is becoming an increasingly important consideration for consumers, aligning with breweries that share the same values allows cold brew brands to reduce their environmental footprint.

Furthermore, collaboration with breweries may open avenues for upcycling byproduct ingredients, contributing to a more circular and sustainable supply chain. Conversely, 42% of respondents in the same Macfarlane Unboxing survey believe sustainability should not incur additional costs. Therefore, when it comes to cold-brew coffee packaging, brands must strike a delicate equilibrium between sustainability and financial considerations, particularly amid prevailing inflation and economic volatility.

At Cold Brew Pak, we understand the importance of offering attractive, convenient, safe cold brew coffee packaging. We’re dedicated to transforming your business for the better. Guided by sustainability and safety, we’re empowered by pioneering technology to deliver high-quality, fully customisable cold brew coffee packaging solutions for your brand.  

Our cold brew packaging solutions include bag-in-box options, flexible spouted pouches, fully recyclable cans, and BPA-free bottles. Plus, we offer a range of customisation techniques to ensure your cold brew packaging perfectly represents your brand. 

Reach out to create your bespoke cold brew packaging today. 

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