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What to consider when relaunching your cold brew coffee cans

The majority of consumers have let the desire for instant gratification bleed into their spending habits. According to recent data, nearly 80% of USA consumers list speed and convenience as two of the most important components of a positive customer experience. Offering cold brew coffee cans is a highly effective way to cater to this consumer demand for convenience. 

Cold brew cans are sleek, portable, and ready-to-drink (RTD), making them ideal on-the-go options for those seeking a convenient, flavourful, and high-quality beverage. Aluminium cans are accessible and lightweight, ship well, and faithfully represent branding and product information. 

Beyond this, the rise of aluminium cold brew coffee cans represents a cultural shift towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable and is one of the most widely recycled materials globally. 

While there are several benefits to investing in cold brew cans, there are several factors to consider when relaunching a product in fresh packaging. To learn more, I spoke to Lindsey Sheets, the Vice President of Branding at Lucky Goat Coffee in Tallahassee, Florida, USA. 

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Why relaunch your cold brew packaging?

Occasionally, factors of a business require a refresh, and packaging design is no exception. This is particularly important as younger consumers enter the market with different preferences. Beyond this, a packaging relaunch is an opportunity to revive interest in a product to ensure continued relevance and success. 

Additionally, it provides an opportunity to expand reach, reinforce brand identity, and capitalise on seasonal or trend-driven demand. For example, several specialty coffee brands release custom-printed holiday-themed bags over the festive period. 

That said, a packaging redesign requires careful planning, strategic thinking, and market research to ensure success. Having recently undergone a relaunch, the team at Lucky Goat Coffee shares the factors that influenced the decision-making process. 

The relaunch of Lucky Goat’s cold brew coffee cans was driven by a desire to meet the evolving needs and preferences of its Florida-based customers. “We offer our cold brew on tap, in gallons, and bagged grinds for the home brewer,” explains Lindsey, who has worked with the brand for over eight years. “One category that was still waiting to be captured was cold brew cans. After years of research, it was time to launch a more portable product for our customers.” 

She explains that years ago, the brand launched a beta can for internal research and development. Fast-forward five years, and we knew we needed a design that would pop from the café case to the grocery aisle,” Lindsey says. 

Beyond catering to consumers on the go, the relaunch aimed to showcase a packaging design that aligns with the company’s updated vision and values. Additionally, the design was created to stand out among the competition and appeal to the brand’s target audience. 

Refreshing the look of cold brew coffee cans

A packaging redesign often requires a delicate balance between revamped aesthetics and improved functionality. Lucky Goat emphasised the importance of storytelling and brand connections throughout its entire relaunch as a main priority. 

“We felt that it was important to implement as much of our story and recognisable brand elements while maintaining a sleek look,” says Lindsey. “These cans are meant for travel outside Tallahassee, so having a strong brand story was imperative.”

During the redesign, the brand had to consider the wraparound nature of cold brew coffee cans, particularly regarding complex designs and printing techniques. “We added an intricate design element that was an ode to our primary logo, the Lucky Goat badge shape,” she adds. “Using this shape, which is representative of our brand, presented the numerous challenges of ensuring seamless alignment along the back of the can when wrapping the design.” 

Brands must ensure that complex design elements are perfectly aligned to achieve a visually stunning and cohesive brand look. “Intentionality in design is something that is at the forefront of our branding decisions at Lucky Goat,” Lindsey says. “Knowing how and where to put that design “pop” while keeping the can functionally friendly is certainly an important factor.”

She explains that the brand chose to add metallic elements on the gold behind the logo to have this text stand out more. “However, we still wanted to ensure that ‘Cold Brew Coffee’ was the most eye-catching part of the can.”

The most important factor to consider during a redesign is brand consistency. The new look must reinforce brand identity and recognition. From a chosen brand colour palette right through to fonts, colours, and visual elements, Lucky Goat kept this all in mind when re-launching their cold brew coffee cans. “All the fonts and colours used are consistent brand-wide in this current era of Lucky Goat,” says Lindsey. “It’s a must to keep brand voice and recognition cohesive.”

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Why choose cold brew coffee cans?

In recent years, the cold brew coffee and RTD market has experienced phenomenal growth. In 2021, the global RTD tea and coffee market reached a valuation of $86,821.90 million, marking a nearly fourfold increase from its 2019 figure. 

Data indicates that cold brew is particularly popular among younger demographics, notably Generation Z and Millennials. This surge in appeal may be linked to this generation’s collective focus on adopting healthy lifestyles and promoting sustainability habits. Cold brew coffee cans cater to this expectation and have soared in popularity for several reasons, with convenience being at the forefront. 

Unlike traditional hot brewed coffee, cold brew can be enjoyed straight from the can, chilled to perfection, and ready to drink whenever and wherever. Cold brew coffee cans also provide better protection against light and air, preserving the freshness and flavour of the coffee for longer periods–a particularly important factor to cold brew lovers, who may choose the beverage due to its distinctly smooth and notable flavour palette. 

At Cold Brew Pak, we understand the importance of offering attractive, convenient, safe cold brew coffee packaging. We’re dedicated to transforming your business for the better. Guided by sustainability and safety, we’re empowered by pioneering technology to deliver high-quality, fully customisable cold brew coffee packaging solutions for your brand.

Images courtesy of Lucky Goat Coffee

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