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Expanding your subscriptions to include cold brew boxes

As the cold brew coffee culture continues to flourish, younger consumers are looking to integrate their preferred beverage into daily routines. Along with a variety of ready-to-drink (RTD) options, cold brew subscriptions are also growing in popularity

Cold brew coffee subscriptions are a convenient way for consumers to enjoy their favourite beverage weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Beyond this, cold brew boxes allow for a more personalised customer experience, which encourages them to connect and interact with the brand. Additionally, subscription services can provide accurate revenue forecasts and help brands streamline orders. 

Expanding your subscription services to include cold brew boxes can benefit your business in several ways. To learn more, I spoke with Darleen Scherer of Black Sheep Coffee Collab, and Sydney Eubanks of Compass Coffee in Washington, USA. 

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Why your subscription service needs cold brew boxes

Subscriptions have grown in popularity across many industries over the past decade and show no signs of slowing down. Currently, around 45.8% of Millennials use a meal delivery service within an average three-month period. Generation Z follows closely in second place, at 43%. Notably, these two generations also have the highest percentage of cold brew drinkers

The demand for convenient RTD beverages has also grown, with Millennials and Gen Z taking the reins yet again. By combining cold brew coffee and subscription services, businesses can offer curated selections delivered directly to customers’ doorsteps. It also allows brands to cater to the fast-paced lifestyles of Generation Z and Millennials. 

Darleen Scherer is the founder of Black Sheep Coffee Collab based in the US. She emphasises the importance of cold brew boxes for coffee roasters. “I recommend cold brew boxes for coffee roasters because they solve a quality issue by eliminating the steps required to brew coffee well, such as dosing, proper grinding, and brewing accuracy. Like wine or beer, the customer receives a finished product. This is a B2C play.”

Scherer also notes the rise of high-quality cold brew concentrates in shelf-stable bag-in-the-box offerings. These options cater to B2B clients, such as bars and restaurants seeking hassle-free coffee solutions.

Beyond this, cold brew subscriptions provide consumers with the chance to try new flavours and varieties. The recurring nature of subscriptions fosters a sense of loyalty and engagement with the brand, as customers eagerly anticipate their monthly delivery.

Founded by two Marines in 2014, Compass Coffee offers ethically sourced high-quality specialty roasted and cold brew coffee. Sydney emphasises the convenience of offering high-quality cold brew to cater to the younger consumer base. “Offering cold brew provides people like busy professionals and parents with a high-quality, convenient coffee option that’s always ready in their fridge,” he says. 

“For us, real-good coffee means never compromising on quality. With cold brew on tap, you can indulge in a premium coffee experience without sacrificing flavour for convenience, perfect for hectic mornings or a quick afternoon boost.”

What goes into cold brew coffee boxes?

When curating a cold brew coffee subscription, a brand should consider its values and overall target market. For instance, some brands may include an array of RTD cold brew options to cater to consumers who crave convenience and variety. Others may offer concentrates or cold brew bags to appeal to consumers wanting to experiment with different brewing methods.

Beyond this, brands must consider which packaging format will best protect the cold brew. For example: 

  • Flexible spout pouches provide convenience for on-the-go consumption and have proven to maintain the unique flavour profiles cold brew offers. Beyond this, their playful, unique, and attractive design is particularly appealing to younger consumers who appreciate innovation. 
  • Aluminium cold brew cans are infinitely recyclable and provide ample space for branding. They also offer ‘on-the-go’ convenience (a huge hit with the younger generation) and easy stacking capabilities for storage.
  • BPA-free, recyclable plastic bottles are portable, resealable, and highly convenient. A main advantage of bottles for cold brew is their ability to preserve flavour and freshness over extended periods of time. This is because the airtight seal in the cap prevents oxygen from entering, thereby slowing the oxidation process. As a result, the product can be stored for extended periods while still providing a consistent, high-quality drinking experience. 

Cans and cold brew pouches provide durability and maintain shelf stability, while BPA-free plastic bottles offer an eco-friendly nod. By selecting packaging formats that complement the cold brew experience, brands can enhance the overall convenience and enjoyment of their subscribers.

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Creating a memorable unboxing experience

It’s critical for consumers to have a memorable product experience to ensure a low churn rate for your cold brew subscriptions. Essentially, a higher churn rate means more customers are leaving your business. In contrast, a lower churn rate means retaining more customers than you already have. Understanding the difference can be useful in making better strategic decisions for your business.

A recent study explored why the meal kit industry struggles with high customer churn rates despite its global dominance. A study around HelloFresh found that nearly half of subscribers cancel within a month, with only 20% keeping their subscriptions for six months or more. At the one-year mark, only 15% of subscribers retain their subscriptions.

It’s important to note that while meal kit companies primarily address the practical need for sustenance, coffee subscriptions cater to different consumer desires—luxury and indulgence. Therefore, the paramount focus for coffee subscription services lies in crafting an unforgettable experience for their customers. 

Whether it’s through vibrant and memorable colour palettes that are unanimous with the brand’s visual branding or eye-catching graphics printed onto eco-friendly materials, custom cold brew packaging can leave a lasting impression on consumers. This expectation should not fall short when creating cold brew boxes. 

Additionally, brands should consider practical aspects such as protective padding and sustainable packaging materials to ensure that the unboxing experience is not only visually appealing but also environmentally conscious.

At Cold Brew Pak, we understand the importance of offering attractive, convenient, safe cold brew coffee packaging. We’re dedicated to transforming your business for the better. Guided by sustainability and safety, we’re empowered by pioneering technology to deliver high-quality, fully customisable cold brew coffee packaging solutions for your brand.

Our cold brew packaging solutions include bag-in-box options, flexible spouted pouches, fully recyclable cans, and BPA-free bottles. Plus, we offer a range of customisation techniques to ensure your cold brew packaging perfectly represents your brand. 

Header image courtesy of Compass Coffee

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