Stock packaging

for cold brew coffee

Ergonomic design

Certified sustainable

Fast turnarounds

Affordable, versatile, and readily available, stock packaging for cold brew coffee allows your business to remain agile while continuing to offer quality cold brew with all its original, unimpaired characteristics. 

Our range of stock cold brew coffee packaging includes a variety of standardised shapes, styles, and sizes – all ready to be affixed with your company labels and branding. Some of our most popular stock packaging options include bag-in-a-box and flexible cold brew pouches. 

One of the many benefits of stock packaging is that it can be ordered and manufactured in bulk. Then, it can be stored and used when needed without the risk of outdated designs or irrelevant product information. For instance, the recyclable cardboard box for our bag-in-a-box solution can be ordered flat packed and plain in order for brands to customise the design in house. 

Stock packaging can be highly beneficial to start-ups with a limited budget, or those testing market situations and product demand. Beyond this, stock packaging for cold brew coffee is perfectly suited for trade show samples, subscription services and events. 

Our line of stock packaging for cold brew coffee is hygienic, convenient, and reliable. We focus on freshness, safety, and sustainability – using food-safe materials to ensure your customers can enjoy your brew risk and guilt-free. 

Cold Brew Pak was founded on the belief that we should be able to enjoy our favourite things without damaging the environment. We are fully committed to promoting a circular economy model and furthering its uptake across the coffee industry. This means rejecting a take-make-waste approach in favour of one that keeps products in use for as long as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reach out to our team if you have any more questions or are interested in getting a quote.

Stock packaging is essentially stripped back to the bare essentials. It is completely capable of preserving the qualities of your cold brew coffee in the same way as our other packaging options. However, stock packaging will not feature any branding or customisation. 

At CBP, our range of stock packaging for cold brew coffee is available in a range of sizes and shapes. It is then up to you as the business owner to apply your branding to the packaging. For example, many of our customers opt to invest in custom-printed labels.

Stock packaging is the ideal choice for start-up brands with a limited budget, or those that are testing product demand within a certain market. 

Being tied to a single design across an entire product range can be incredibly restrictive for developing brands. Furthermore, it can prevent brands from quickly adapting to evolving trends and consumer demands. 

Stock packaging for cold brew is our most affordable option, allowing you to keep costs down and remain flexible in your offerings. With stock packaging, in-house customisation allows you to change your designs and information at little additional cost.

Furthermore, a simple design means customers are more likely to focus on the distinct characteristics of the brew without being distracted by bold, colourful branding.

We offer a wide range of sizes and packaging materials, including recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable stock packaging. For a full breakdown of prices, contact us.